Activity Packs

Keeping The Kids Occupied For Hours

Keeping The Kids Occupied For Hours

Our kids’ activity packs are filled with healthy and delicious snacks, exciting activities, and fun games that can keep your kids busy for hours at a time. Our packs are available in a range of different sizes and combinations and include:


We include a delicious variety of healthy and organic snacks that your little ones will adore. Help your kids get the healthy and balanced energy they need to have fun all day long.


Our activity packs aren’t just entertaining; they’ll also help your kids develop their creativity and imagination in an exciting and affordable way.



Building puzzles is great for your little Einstein. Puzzles help your kids build their problem-solving skills in a way that’s anything but boring.


Our kids activity packs include sticker books, reading books, activity books, and colouring books that are all aimed at kids between the ages of 1 and 7. Our range of books will help your child develop their motor skills, finetune language and vocabulary proficiency, improve hand-eye coordination, and so much more.


The games that we include in our kids’ activity packs are more than just fun – they’re the perfect form of edutainment! They’ll help your child develop their critical thinking and fine motor skills, while keeping them entertained for hours.

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