10 ways to entertain kids during pandemic


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With much of the world still isolating themselves as much as possible, many children are feeling the effects of not seeing their friends as much and having to stay at home for longer periods. 

This has resulted in boredom, but there is still a lot of entertainment for kids to be had if you just get a little creative. Below are 10 great activities for kids during a pandemic…

1) Introduce board games. 

Board games have been around for decades but if your children are feeling bored, why not introduce a board game afternoon or evening? Board games are a great idea, especially when the weather is bad outside. 

2) Get cooking and baking.

What child doesn’t like eating delicious food? Encourage your children to cook and bake basic recipes and watch their self-confidence improve and the boredom magically disappear! 

3) Give them an activity pack from Happy Buzzy Kids. 

Happy Buzzy Kids offers a wide range of kids’ activity packs that include delightful snacks, activity pages, games, boos and puzzles that will keep your young person occupied for hours! Not only will they thoroughly enjoy themselves, but this is the best kind of fun learning for kids! 

4) Play with Lego.

Lego is a firm favourite with most children and, to liven things up a bit, why not buy a few additional pieces to add to their collection? This is guaranteed to provide amazing fun and creativity! 

5) Go on a nature treasure hunt.

Children can sometimes get cabin fever if they stay inside for too long. If this sounds like your kids, why not take them out on a walk in your local park or woods and encourage them to spot as many bugs, birds and tree types as possible in a nature treasure hunt? The fresh air is a wonderful tonic and is a great opportunity to run around and burn off excess energy. 

6) Get creative with some homemade crafts.

You would be amazed at how many homemade crafts you can make with items you already have around your house. For example, a few empty toilet paper rolls, some pipe cleaners, paint and glue will enable your child to make a toilet roll monster or a funny robot: the choice is theirs!

7) Make a den.

Children are naturally creative and love constructing new and exciting things. An indoor den is the ideal way for them to channel their inner creativity and have a lot of fun at the same time! All you need is an old sheet and some pillows or cushions, and you are good to go! 

8) Grow your own vegetables.

Another fun learning activity for kids is to help them to grow their own vegetables. Allocate each of your children their own small piece of dirt in which to plant a few seeds, and then feel delighted as they get excited about their newly-sprouted vegetables. 

9) Make a bird feeder. 

Feeding the birds is an incredibly fun activity that can happen every day. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a bird feeder because you can make your own! Simply take a used milk bottle, wash it out and cut out a hollow. Then, attach some string and allow your child to decorate it and they have their very own, homemade bird feeder. 

10) Brick art with chalk paint.

Art is always tremendous fun for children. Consider buying a set of pavement chalk in bright colours and let your child decorate the bricks or paving around your home. Don’t worry, it’s not permanent and will wash away in the next rain shower! 


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